Trophy Glass Display Cases

Improve the look of your trophy collection by purchasing our incredible Trophy Glass Display Cabinets, Cases or Counters. Great for helping your trophies stand out from the crowd and improve you or your school/clubs reputation.

Did you know that 74% of people felt that by displaying their trophies they got the determination to win more trophies? Seeing one of your highest achievements in a stunning glass cabinet, safely locked with fantastic lighting illuminating the awards motivates the individual to win more awards, and add more prized trophies to their collection.

Here at RDS Online we take pride in the specialist showcase cabinets we provide. We have a wide range of trophy cabinets varying from free standing cabinets to wall mounted cabinets. Every trophy cabinet comes with a Schmitz locking system and titon 9L tempered glass as standard, ensuring your prized possessions are locked away safe and securely.

With the use of premium LED spot lights or concealed led strip lights that are bonded onto the glass, our cabinets will highlight some of your highest achievements to visitors as they visit your school, sports club or even your home.

We have supplied various sporting organisations and events including The London 2012 Olympic Games and Wembley Stadium with their trophy showcase display cabinets.

We also offer the option for a custom made display cabinets for our customers. If you would like to discuss this option, call on 01455 246265 to speak to one of our specialists or email us over the requirements and we will get back to you within 24hrs with your own personalised quote.