High Specification and Affordable Bespoke Display Cabinets, shop fits is our speciality. We have been manufacturing affordable custom made glass cabinets for clients for the past 20 years. Whether it is the customer interaction plinths for Car Phone Warehouse or Elegant Jewellery Cabinets for Pandora UK, Perfume display cabinets for Boots, Museum display cabinets for the British Intelligence Museum and Crystal Display Case for Ms French in Luton!
Our list of clients ranges from large retailers, museums to private individuals who use our bespoke manufacturing ability to display their collectables.
We have in house designers that provide expert advice when deciding the style and specifications that your cabinet should or needs to have. To help you visualise what your cabinet will look like we can provide Free CAD drawings.
Below are some of the specifications which we can provide. Examples of bespoke display cases which we have manufactured are also below:
  • •LED lighting – Low energy consumption therefore cheap to operate, Bright white Light output, Very little heat output and no UV Ray output
  • •Laminated glass – High security glass, From 4.8mm—14.83mm Thick Laminated Anti-Bandit Glass, Insurance rated
  • •Wide variety of High Quality Finishes —Veneers , Melamine, High Gloss or Matt Laminates or Painted finishes
  • •Cabinet alarm systems — Audible and visual alarm to deter would be thieves. The system can be quite discreet should it be required.
  • •Humidity Control— Passive or Digital Relative Humidity Control for optimising the environment within the cabinet for preserving the object (s) that you display.
  • •High Security Locks – High Security Abloy or Camlocks, Automatic dead locks, Concealed Locks. All High Security locks can be manufactured to Museum Display Standards.
  • •UV Resistant Glass – Blocks out 99% of UV rays with no tinting in the glass, used for protecting UV sensitive Documents and artefacts.
We are specialists in retail and museum displays, we specialise in providing the right solution for your needs.
We can help setup a new museum or enhance the visual impact of an existing one, we can guide you through grant processes through to finalising an affordable budget for your museum. If you would like a representative to visit your museum then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!
We also offer retail setup solutions, other than the necessary shop fitting fixtures we can provide you with detailed layout plans for your shop maximising the visual impact on your merchandise. One of the points on which we touch when designing your shop is efficiency vs return on investment, we look for ways in which to provide the same level of high quality but in a way which is more cost effective therefore meaning the return on your initial investment will be quickly recovered and leading to financial success.
Our thought in Retail Displays has always been that an eye catching and engaging display will go a long way in adding value to a product.
Question yourself have you ever desired or been in awe of a product which was in a dark, cold and cluttered environment?
Call us today to speak to an expert for FREE impartial advice, let us make the change you want to see!  Call on: 01455 246 265